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Do you want to measure customer satisfaction? But do you find it difficult to determine which questions you are going to ask? Recognizable! Many companies do have an idea, but finding how to formulate them could be challenging.

First of all, the questions you are going to ask mainly depend on what you want to know from the customer. Do you want to know how well you helped a customer? Or do you want to know to what extent customers would recommend you (the well-known Net Promoter Score)? To help you get started, we have created five sample questions for you.

1. How likely is it that you will order from us again?

How likely is it that you will order from us again? This question shows how many customers are at least thinking about buying from you again. And when customers already indicate this in a survey, you can assume that they have had a good experience with your company at that time.

2. What should we do for a 10?

Many consumers are critical. When you do it right, you get an 8. So customers are positive, but still don’t give you a 10. What is the missing factor? You can just ask them! An smart way to improve your product or service.

3. How satisfied are you with the way [employee name] has answered your question or solved your problem?

For customer service employees, helping customers is an assembly line job, which sometimes makes it difficult for them to really work in the customer’s best interest. But the way they act does have a major impact on customer satisfaction and perception. With this question you can find out whether customers are satisfied with the way the employee has solved the problem for them.

4. How easy do you find it to do business with us?

The Customer Effort Score for B2B relations. You can ask this in different ways. But when it comes to the overall relationship, it’s best to talk about how easy it is to do business with your company.

5. How would you describe us to a friend?

With this question you research the image of your company. What words would come up to customers if they had to describe your company? Based on the answers to this question, create a tag cloud. This will give you a good overview of what the image of your company is.