Realize excellent service and forever be seen as a profit center

Manage your Service Experience with Insocial and realize excellent service, more satisfied and loyal customers and therefore higher revenue figures!


Service Experience (SX)

Service experience is about everything your customers experience during their interaction with your service department. The goal of service is to make things as easy as possible for the customer and offer them a pleasant and memorable experience. By offering such excellent service, you will create more loyal customers and boost your revenue figures.

Measure different service interactions

With Insocial’s platform, you can measure your various moments of interaction, such as a telephone conversation with a call center agent, searching for answers on the website, reading the FAQs and asking a question via a chatbot.

Service Experience
Service Experience

Identify the issues with your service and take appropriate action quickly!

Since Insocial allows you to measure all service touchpoints in the same manner, you can immediately spot the differences and identify your areas of improvement! Automatically receive alerts when there is a significant decline (trend break) or an incoming complaint. You can identify complaints or problems sooner, resolve issues faster and prevent similar problems from arising for other customers!

Insocial helps us to easily share the feedback we get from our customers throughout the organization. With the narrowcast we use, we can also bring the feedback back to the floor. Our employees know at a glance how their customer feels about their conversation.
Angela Muradin - Head of Customer Care at RTL

Never be seen as a cost center again

Using the insights you acquire and the measurements you conduct with Insocial, you can demonstrate that service is a major contributing factor to the organization’s success: satisfied customers buy more and keep coming back again and again. Instead of a cost center, you will be seen as a profit center from now on!

Service Experience
Service Experience

Compare the performances of your agents and channels

How are your agents, teams and the channels you use performing? Discover your areas of improvement!

Measure your Service Experience with Insocial

Automatically send out surveys after contact moments

With Insocial's surveys, you can easily ask your customers the right questions about your brand at the exact right moments.

Know exactly when customers are not happy with your service

The insights you acquire by measuring your Service Experience let you know exactly what your customers are (dis)satisfied about.

Know what improvements to make and create more efficient processes

Implement specific improvements and make your processes more efficient and more pleasant for your customers!

Insocial helps these organizations improve their Service Experience:

Use feedback to make your service profitable

These days, customers tend to look at the quality of service rather than at the products themselves when choosing a brand. That is the area where you have to excel! In a demo, our experts share the ins and outs of measuring your Service Experience.

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