Insocial for Marketing teams

Close the gap between your brand promise and what your customers experience.

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Boost your conversion rates and revenue

By using social proof you will persuade more potential customers to become true customers!

Make your website much easier to find

With customer reviews you'll earn a higher ranking in the Google's search results.

Build an excellent reputation

Satisfied customers will keep coming back for more and share their positive experiences with others!

Customer experience is an essential part of your marketing funnel

Build more trust with customer reviews

When you say it, it's marketing. When your customers say it, it's social proof.

  • Share the experiences of customers on your website and social media
  • Immediately follow up on negative reviews
  • Win the trust of your visitors and turn them into customers

Beat your competitors in the search results

Generate more online traffic from search

  • Gain the review snippet (5 yellow stars) for SEO and SEA
  • Make your ads stand out and increase your Click-Through-Rates
  • Boost your website's ranking and become much easier to find

They achieve more success thanks to Insocial

Write newsletters that make your subscribers enthusiastic

Are your emails relevant enough for your target group? What do they think?

  • Receive the opinons of your subscribers with feedback buttons in your email
  • Analyse the performance of different types of email campaigns
  • Implement the right improvements in your content based on customer needs

Build a website that your visitors love

Understand what information your potential customers are looking for

  • Allow your visitors to give you feedback at any time with Insocial's feedback button
  • Analyse how your website's various pages perform and understand why
  • Improve your website experience and boost your online conversion rates

Turn your insights easily into actions with Insocial

Make optimal use of customer feedback

Thanks to Insocial we know if we are on the right track and we can immediately improve our results by listening to the relevant feedback provided. This makes our email marketing much more effective and efficient!

Leonie Elbertse - E-mail Specialist at FBTO

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